I legitimately think I am going to try to take a women and gender studies class next semester if my schedule allows it. I’m trying to finish this paper on the role of women in the Iliad and I’m in a bit of a grey-area rut. I feel like they’re definitely marginalized serve as emotional sparkplugs for the narrative, (but lets be real gender, class, and familial lineage roles were absolutely social imperatives for ancient developing civilizations) but at the same time, the women of the Iliad were very much deified and and venerated, and not at all static/flat characters. (Men of the Iliad=far more predictable). So I guess my problem is, are they but plot-objects? Or are they primary catalysts for the invariable actions of the men… Women of the poem were certainly valued, but as humans or as objects? I think that homer wrote them as complex characters, and wrote men as simple beings who viewed them as objects of war.


Was working in the lab until almost 1 last night purifying these fucking cultures and redoing my phage titrations


Never because its summer 24/7


why is triglyceride synthesis so simple on paper, but so difficult in practice??